Configuring Foodics integration with Wafeq

With the Foodics integration, you will be able to automatically pull accounting data from your Foodics account.

The following will be created in your Wafeq account:

  • Orders from Foodics will be aggregated per day, and a summary invoice for each day will be created with the correct tax rates applied and payments will be recorded using the various payment methods you have in Foodics.
  • Purchases from Foodics will be created as Bills in Wafeq, and the Foodics inventory account will be increased by the purchase amount.
  • Inventory Counts and Quantity Adjustments from Foodics will be created as an Expense in Wafeq. The account will be your Foodics inventory adjustment account that you've selected during the configuration, and the paid through account will be your Foodics inventory account you've selected during the configuration.
  • Cost of Goods from Foodics (also called Order Transactions) will be recorded as an Expense in Wafeq with the Cost of Goods account you've selected during configuration.

Follow these steps to set up your integration:

1. Connect your Foodics account: Go to Integrations in the left side menu, and click on the Connect button.

2. Log in to your Foodics account: Once you log in to your Foodics account, you will be redirected to the integrations screen in Wafeq. 

    3. Configure your Foodics integration: Wafeq will automatically create the following accounts, Revenue account, Charges, Discounts, Rounding, Tips. From the remaining mappings choose the corresponding accounts or taxes from Wafeq, or let Wafeq auto-generate them for you by enabling auto-generate.

    Important: For taxes, make sure to map them to the existing tax rates in Wafeq, VAT on Sales (15%) in order to benefit from Wafeq's automatic tax return generation. 

    4. Save your configurations: Click on the Save button for your configurations to be saved. You will be redirected to the Sync page. 

    5. Sync your products: For your first synchronization, you will want to synchronize all your data until yesterday. So in the From date choose the date when you started using Foodics, and in the To date choose yesterday. In the top right corner click Sync

    Important: The initial sync duration will depend on how much data you have.

    6. Check your items and invoices: To make sure that the synchronization was successful, go to Items in the left side menu and check if all your products are now in Wafeq. 

    Similarly, go to  Invoices in the left side menu to make sure that your daily sales have been recorded.

From then on, we recommend you sync your data daily to keep your books up to date, or turn on auto-sync to let Wafeq sync your data daily automatically.