Managing your subscription

Subscribing to Wafeq

To subscribe to Wafeq go to your organization's Workspace in the left side menu and click on Account Settings. Scroll down to the Subscription section then click on the Change plan button. 

From the list of plans, choose the one you want to subscribe to and click on the Try for free button that corresponds to the plan you want to subscribe to. This will activate your 14-day trial period. 

If you wish to subscribe and make the payment before the end of the trial period, just follow these steps and your subscription will be immediately activated:

Workspace > Account Settings > Subscription > Select planSubscribe 

Subscription billing cycles 

In Wafeq we offer, monthly and yearly based subscriptions. To switch between one and the other when activating your subscription simply follow these steps: 

Workspace > Account Settings > Subscription > Select planClick on the Pay monthly / Pay yearly switcher to choose the billing cycle of your subscription then click on the Subscribe button of the plan you want. 

Upgrading your plan 

To upgrade your plan, go to your company's Workspace in the left side menu, then choose Account Settings. From the subscription section, click on Change plan then on the Upgrade button of the plan you want to upgrade to.

Downgrading your plan 

To downgrade your plan, go to your company's Workspace in the left side menu, then choose Account Settings. From the subscription section, click on Change plan then on the Downgrade button of the plan you want to downgrade to.

Confirmation of your purchase

After making the payment, you will receive an email with the details of your purchase with the attached invoice and receipt. If you have a monthly subscription, you will receive an email each month confirming your purchase. 

Canceling your subscription

To cancel your subscription, go to your company's Workspace in the left side menu > Account settings > Subscription > Change plan >  Downgrade your subscription to the Basic Free plan.

Kindly note that if you cancel the subscription, the cancellation will take effect at the end of the last day of the billing cycle. On the following day, you will be downgraded to free. Your data will still be available for 1 year after cancellation. 

Deleting your subscription 

To delete your subscription, contact us at or through the in-app chatbox for support.

Changing your email

If you wish to change your Wafeq account's email, send us an email to with the email changes you would like to make to your account.

Forgetting your password 

In case you've forgotten your password when signing in, click on the Forgot Password? to reset your account's password

What happens if the auto-charge for subscription fails?

If an auto-charge attempt failed, the system will keep trying to charge you for a few days, but will not downgrade your subscription plan. 

After several attempts, the subscription plan will be downgraded. If after that you try to re-subscribe, you will be charged partially for the days you got for “free” (while the auto-charge was being attempted) plus the new subscription fee.