Importing your data 3/4: Expenses

Watch this video on how to import your single-line data or read on below:

You can import expenses using the Import button in the top right corner of the expenses sheet. 

How to import your expenses

The easiest way to obtain a template that matches the expenses sheet header in Wafeq is to export the expenses to CSV and only keep the header.

Your expense CSV file must be structured as follows:

  • Each row in your file must represent one expense.
  • Columns that are dropdowns (such ContactAccountTax Rate, Item, Projects) must use the exact spelling of the value. For example, if you have a contact called "My Vendor ABC" in Wafeq, in your import file you must use the exact, case-sensitive spelling.
  • Wafeq will not automatically create missing Contacts, Accounts, Tax Rates, Items, Projects. You must make sure that they exist in Wafeq before including them in an expense import file.
  • You do not need to import all columns. Wafeq will allow you to import an incomplete row if you wish. You can then complete the row after you import.