Importing your data 4/4: Inventory

Watch this video on how to import your single-line data or read on below:

You can import items using the  Import button in the top right corner of the items sheet. 

How to import your items

Your item CSV file must be structured as follows:

  • Each row in your file must represent one item.
  • Columns that are drop-downs (such as Revenue Account, Revenue Tax Rate, Expense Account, Purchase Tax Rate, Track Inventory) must use the exact spelling in Wafeq. For example, if you have a revenue account called "Gross Revenue" in Wafeq, in your import file you must use the exact, case-sensitive spelling.
  • Wafeq will not automatically create drop-down values that don't exist. For example, if the account Gross Revenue does not exist in your Chart of Accounts, Wafeq will not automatically create it when you import it.
  • You do not need to import all columns. Wafeq will allow you to import an incomplete row if you wish. You can then complete the row after you import it.